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October 25, 2016--Regular Meeting

We will begin gathering at the BP Energy Center at 6:30 PM with the program beginning at 7:00 PM.  We have a webinar from the American Orchid Society, our
parent organization, on the subject of growing orchids under lights. There will
also be discussion after the webinar about types of lights in case you have
thoughts about which kind work for us up here in Alaska. It will be followed
with Show-and-Tell so bring your flowering orchids. I have a large purple
Cattleya that I plan to bring. It is fragrant enough that it fills the entire
upstairs of my house with a wonderful fragrance during the day even though it is
located in a room off the main part of the house. Also, as per usual, there will
be a door prize in the form of an orchid. I hope you will be the lucky winner
this month.

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